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The School
The Namikoshi School of Shiatsu was started by Marion Nixon in 2004. Marion had been teaching shiatsu informally for some time when she decided to start the school and offer certificated professional training to those wanting to practice this versatile discipline.

Marion gained extensive experience during the years she worked at the High Rustenberg Hydro in Stellenbosch. To this experience she brings her love of shiatsu and the powerful healing it can effect. She has written her own course material based on Namikoshi's work, and her own training and experience. Her work is also influenced by her training and experience in a number of other natural health modialities.

Classes are kept small to allow for individual attention and personal interaction. This ensures that each student has a thorough practical and theoretical training which enables them to set up their own practices with confidnce.

The School still offers short courses for those who would like to be able to help their family and friends cope with stress, but do not want to become practitioners.

Namikoshi Shiatsu
The Japan Shiatsu School started by Tokujiro Namikoshi was the first shiatsu school to be licensed in Japan, in 1957. This form of shiatsu combines the traditional use of pressure points to stimulate the body's self-healing processes with Western medicine's understanding of physiology. Unlike other forms of shiatsu it is not concerned with meridian energy flows. Because some knowledge of these can be useful to the practitioner an introduction to meridians is included in the course.

The intention in shiatsu is to rebalance the body’s functions by releasing blockages and stimulating sluggish areas through stimulation of neurotransmitters. Referred pain from the internal organs affects the shoulders, arms, legs, back, abdomen, and chest. Nerve fibres transmit organic irregularities directly to the surface of the body. Shiatsu applied to the oversensitive or muscularly tense parts of the surface of the body reverses this process, stimulating the internal organs to function optimally. It also releases tension in muscles and joints, and stimulates circulation and lymph flow. This facilitates the person's own self healing processes and can both prevent illness by maintaining good health and encourage the healing process of existing physical problems. Shiatsu is becoming more widely known as a healing modality and increasingly popular as people experience its powerful effect.

Course details
The course is taught over 12 months. Classes are one weekend each month. This time spacing gives students enough time to practice between sessions as without sufficient practice the technique will not be adequately mastered. It also allows the student time to study the theoretical aspects of the course.

Practitioner training for 2009 starts 14 and 15 March.
Enquire about dates for short courses.
Member contact details...
NameNamikoshi Shiatsu School
Contact nameMarion Nixon
Specialist qualificationsCert.N.Sh
Telephone 1021-6965857
Telephone 2
Cell 10845129191
Cell 2
Practice/Training venueSybrand Park
Cape Town
Postal addressSybrand Park
Cape Town 7700
AvailabilityAnnual practitioner training. Short courses every 3 or 4 months
Listed modalities
Shiatsu Disciplines
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Namikoshi Shiatsu
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